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How can I create & edit dates/titles?

Some dates and words just deserve to be BIG 😌❤️ That's why you can create titles and even edit dates with Journi! And as everything else with Journi it's simple and fast 💪🏻

To create:

1) Click on the page where the date/title should be inserted

2) Click on the + Button and choose date or title (don't worry you can still change this later on)

3) Now select your date or write your amazing title down - or simply do both 🤩

To edit:

1) Tap on the date in the book so that it's blue

2) Now you can click on "edit" and change it however you want it.

💡Tipp: To delete a date/title you can either exclude it or you can go back in the editor and delete the text line and then press "save" 🤓

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