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How can I add/delete/change the size of prints?

You have already started your photo prints and now you still want to add some more delete them or change their size? Well we already thought ahead and gave you a super easy solution 🤓

1) Add more prints an existing size

  • Scroll down to your size and then click on the 3 small dots
  • Now you can select "Add More Photos" and simply select your new favorites 🥰 a new size

  • Go to the top where you can see all the different sizes. You can scroll to the left and right. The existing sizes will be highlighted in purple.
  • Click on the gray size that you'd like to select
  • A new tab will open and then you can proceed with adding pictures like described above with an existing size 🤓

2) Delete pictures

  • Click on the picture
  • Scroll to the far right and click the delete button

3) Change the size

...of 1 picture

  • Click on the picture
  • Select the "Switch Size" button

...of all the pictures of a specific size

  • Click on the 3 dots next to a size 
  • Now select a new size and all your pictures of that size will change 😊 

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