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What happens with my feedback?

Journi is of course already great but we are still constantly working on making it even better! 😉

However, we may not have even considered some ideas or requests from you! That is why we are always very happy about the feedback, thoughts and ideas of our users. 

So here's our process:

1️⃣ As soon as you contact us with an idea, it goes through a predetermined process with which we can sort all the ideas and include them into our product plan. Each idea is first sorted in our project according to the frequency of requests. The most requested inquiries are our top priority. 

2️⃣ Our product team then evaluates each idea within a certain period and determines the do-ability and priority in the schedule. In a process called shaping, the ideas are then formed into a plan with the design team and the developers. 

3️⃣ This plan then comes into our backlog and from there into our sprints to implement the idea into Journi. 

As you can see, every idea from you is noticed and discussed by us. And all you have to do for that to happen is share your thoughts with us 😊

That's exactly why we have created a form that immediately converts every idea you have into a ticket. Just click on the following button and let's go 💪

Please keep in mind that we cannot implement every Feature Request we get in the form you suggested it.

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