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What can I edit in the web version?

Once you uploaded your memories the editing part can start 🖥🎨😍

  1. Shape/Size
    First of all, choose your favorite book size. Editing this, later on, will re-layout the whole book to fit best to the format.
  2. Cover Page
    Choose your best pictures to have the cover page ever 😍 You can also change your title and the style and color of it. As in the rest of the book, shuffling the layout is also possible here.
  3. Book Settings
    Select the perfect font and alignment within the book in advance to get the best out of the editing experience😉
    For that special and personal feeling, you can also add an inscription and let your favorite person know how much this photo book and he/she means to you. ❤️
    Mark the best of the best as full-page favorites to have them displayed as big as possible. 
    Select which content you want to show in your photo book (texts, maps, big overview map, profile pictures, ...).  
  4. Page Settings
    Like in the mobile version you can exclude or include elements, shuffle pages, set full-page favorites, and add more content (pictures and text). If you hover over an element it will give you more options that you can choose from. 
    To include an excluded element just click on the small picture on the left sidebar in "Excluded Elements". 
  5. Preview
    Click on the preview button to get a nice overview of your book like in real life and scroll through it.
  6. Ordering
    Add the created draft to the shopping bag and then go on ordering your perfect Journi Print product.. or create even more! 🥳
    Once you click on the button you'll get asked if you want a hardcover or a softcover photo book.

That's it! Now the only thing left is to follow the checkout process and be very excited and tell everybody about your soon arriving Journi photo book 👏🏻

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