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Why can I only see placeholders in my photo book/calendar?

You're creating a new awesome Journi product! Great!  But suddenly there are only white or grey placeholders instead of your memories? Not so great. But easily fixable 😊

There are 3 options that could have occurred:

First Option: bad internet connection

Your pics still need a bit to fully upload. This might be due to a poor internet connection. Or maybe your internet connection is good but your pictures are huge? Please just give it a bit of time and leave the app open. After a while, or sometimes even a bit longer the pictures will appear. 

❗️ Make sure you don't move any pictures, from the source you chose, while the upload is not complete.  Make sure to also not move them a while after the upload -> the pictures you see in your draft are lower quality than the ones we print in the end. That's why there is another upload when you go further in the ordering process. (Sometimes there might be no 2nd upload as we already have had enough time to also upload the originals )

Second Option: iCloud issues

For Apple Users: If you upload your pics from iCloud it could help to just save those pictures locally first. As the upload from iCloud is often not the most stable/fastest, issues like placeholders occur more often.

Third Option: low free storage space

There is just not enough storage space on your phone. Even when our apps use as little as possible storage space there still needs to be a tiny bit left to create a draft and upload all pics. 😉 

After checking these three points your upload should be working. In case it doesn’t, do not hesitate to contact us at

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