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How can I add more photos/pages/elements to my photo book?

You do not always have to know, which photos you want to include in your photo book straight away. You can just start with your favorite photos and if you then recognize, that you actually want to add some more afterward, you can also do that later on. ⏩ But you can also add other elements to your photo books, such as text, emojis, weather, and flight moments - it all works the same way 😉 

How to add more elements to your photo book is explained here:

First, you need to decide where you want to add something 😄 Once you know, just click on the page so you have the big preview. On the bottom, there should now be a + symbol. Click on it and choose which element you want to add 🙌🏻 

New pages get added automatically when there are more than 6 elements on one page. The moment you add the seventh element to that page, this page gets split in half (or even more pages appear when you add a lot of new pictures) and the new page will appear.

The same principle also applies to moving elements - once there are 6 elements on a page a new page will be created 😊 

Add blank pages:

You can also add blank pages to your photo book if you wish to do so. Whether you leave them empty for scrapbooking (adding a train ticket, or the first lock of hair of your baby, ...) or you fill them with Journi moments is up to you 😊 

  • Click on the + button as described before
  • Add a page to the right or left side
  • To fill this page you can add more moments with the + button or click on the excluded elements to add some of them 😉 

Delete blank pages:

  • Click on the empty page until it turns blue-ish
  • Click the exclude button 👁

RECOMMENDATION: It is easier to add all your photos and elements to your Journi first and to exclude them once they are in your draft. Including photos later on also means that the layout of your draft will be changed again, which you may not want to happen ☝

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