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Shipping Costs?

<p>There are different shipping costs for different products and countries.<br> <strong>We ship worldwide</strong> ✅ and standard shipping of photo books and Polaroid boxes is free! </p> <p>Try this cool survey to find out the shipping costs for your country and Journi product:</p> <div> <iframe id="ston-aRHECtRBnY" width="100%" height="720" name="StonlyExplanation" allowfullscreen="" src=""></iframe> </div> <p><strong><span style="font-size: 18px;">Extra Information ?</span></strong></p> <p>Once your order&#39;s value is <strong>above 60 EUR</strong>, <strong>tracked shipping</strong> is for <strong>free</strong>! </p> <p>Due to production reasons we sadly can&#39;t ship Calendars and Polaroid Pictures to the USA ? But we are working on it ?</p> <p><br></p>
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